Dr. William Pedersen-Optometrist
Creator. Design and layout.

W.B. Richardson Master Craftsman
2011 to 2014
Creator. Design and Layout.

Hickman Gray & Associates Attorneys at Law
2011 to 2012
Creator. Design and Layout.
Townsend Artisan Guild
2011 to 2013
Co-Creator, design consultant, debugger, and upkeep.

Studio Earth
Fine Art

Creator. Design and layout, montly maintenance.

Heirloom Art Studio

Co-Creator, design consultant, layout from sketch to finished product, debugger.

Creative Geekdom
Creator, owner. Design, layout, shopping cart set up, design, and maintenance.

Sword and Ivy

Co-Creator. Shopping cart set up, design, and maintenance.

Web Design includes:
Choice of background and page colors, font style and colors, header, footer, buttons, links, written text, image placement, contact form (if requested), metatags, basic layout design and basic submission to search engines. Some limited special effect or animation may be purchased separately.
No flash and no shopping carts. Original animation may be purchased separately.
All text comes from YOU! Our design staff will meet with you to explain the requirements of "search engine rich" text content and metatags so that your text copy will be well written and best help get you noticed on the internet and make an appropriate statement about you and your business. We will proof and improve your copy, but will not write the initial text.
All images come from YOU and must be sent according to specifications or additional image preparation fees may be charged. If photographs cannot be supplied professional photography services are available at additional cost.

Domain Registration and Renewal-to be discussed

Domain Name Site Switching-to be discussed

Web Design Costs - Prepaid in Full
Single Home/Index page -$200
PLUS Additional Single Pages -$100 each
5 pages-$450
10 pages-$950

Web Hosting-$156 per year - Prepaid
Hosting gets your website on the internet. This basic fee includes a "reasonable" number of changes per month such as swapping out an occasional image for a new photograph, occasional price changes or contact changes. Excessive monthly changes will be assessed an ADDITIONAL fee to pay for excessive upkeep of any site that continuously needs to be changed and kept current.
$35 to $100 per month - Prepaid quarterly or by the year

Logo Design at $45 per hour
Cleaning up or web prepping an existing logo is based upon $45 per hour.
Original Logo Design is also calculated by the hour but figure $350 on average for the completion of an original design. Three designs are usually presented then one final layout is prepared "camera ready".

Image Preparation-included in Web Design Costs IF images are prepped by the client
Image preparation includes cropping, color correcting, focus sharpening, levels correction, resolution correction and resizing.
Scanning images-$15 per print
Prepping supplied digital images-$5 per image
Adding banners or special design elements to web pages-$45 per hour

Photo Retouching or Manipulation-available by quote and priced by the rate of $150 per hour

External Linking-$15 per link